Thursday, 11 August 2016

Lovely Molly

The beginnings of a potentially happy marriage are lashed after the temporarily elated couple move into the parental home of the bride.  Elements of the father's death and relationship with his daughter remain a mystery - this may or may not have anything to do with the events to come.  Molly's husband, Tim, works away from home frequently and it's during these absences that unusual activity in the house begins to occur, possibly of a supernatural origin.  Molly reverts to a former drug addiction, beginning to psychologically deteriorate under the stress of matters.
Underpinned by a poignant performance from Gretchen Lodge as Molly, I wouldn't say the film is an enjoyable experience, but it does function effectively.  The source of the trouble remains under an ambiguous cloud, which may not suit everyone - is it the spirit of her dead father returning to deliver otherworldly torment, could it be the diminishing grasp on reality of a fragile mind, or is the Devil tearing through to the physical world to claim a broken soul?  Or something else?  I personally like the fact that the viewer has to make up his or her own mind about the proceedings.  Many Paranormal Activity-type occurrences outline possible traditional haunted house goings-on, and in this alone it could be said there is a lack of originality, but the film saves itself through its descent into very disturbing territory.  My blood was chilled for some time after viewing, though I'm not sure if I'll be rushing to go through this anguish again.

I'm not a fan of the digital video look, exhibited here.  There is banding and unattractive chromatics alongside reasonable levels of detail, probably captured as-is by the UK Metrodome Distribution Blu-ray.  Image is 1.78:1, surround sound almost having too much impact.  The disc contains a number of featurettes about the production along with a trailer.  Directed by The Blair Witch Project helmer Eduardo Sánchez, Lovely Molly (2011) can certainly not be criticised for leaving its viewers in an overly cheery state - watch at your peril...

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