Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Synapse Blues (and a little Code Red...)

US based company Synapse are on a Dario Argento Blu-ray stint this year: They're releasing his Lamberto Bava-directed productions Demons and its sequel (but they'll have to go some to beat the Arrow releases of these).  They're also putting out Phenomena (again, Arrow's Blu-ray is already a winner so I'll most likely stick with that) and of more interest is Tenebrae - the UK Blu-ray of this film is troubled so I will be anxious to see how the new disc turns out.  Synapse are covering the dirtier side of Blu with Fairy in a Cage, on their Impulse label.

Meanwhile Code Red have announced (DVD only unfortunately) the first official disc release of the seventies horror black comedy The Folks at Red Wolf Inn, which I've always been interested in checking out.

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