Thursday, 10 January 2013

Redemption Blues...

Some great Blu-ray announcements from Redemption for the upcoming months (presumably through Olive Films).  They'd already mentioned that Grapes of Death (Jean Rollin's zombie film with the fetching Brigitte Lahaie), Oasis of the Zombies (Jess Franco) and Zombie Lake (one of Jean Rollin's lesser films) were coming to Blu-ray - those will be out on February 26th for the latter two and March for the former.  Zombie Lake actually looked very good on DVD I thought so the fact that this is being remastered from the original negative makes it a moderately interesting proposition (if only the film was better!).

Also, though, the sci-fi skinflick Zeta One (which featured the lovely Yutte Stensgaard in a small role) is on its way in March, the classic hallucinatory Nude For Satan (Luigi Batzella) also, and Jean Rollin's softcore flick Schoolgirl Hitchhikers - the latter did briefly appear on DVD but seemed to disappear almost as quickly, so I'm definitely picking that up (along with most of the others) on Blu.  Rollin's barren sci-fi orientated film Night of the Hunted is also likely to be out in March.  After a Pete Walker boxed set they are also putting out the films individually for those people who didn't want the whole set - these include The Comeback, Die Screaming Marianne, House of Whipcord, and Schizo.  Finally, Sinful Nuns of St. Valentine will also come to Blu in a few months.  I must say Redemption have launched an unprecedented all-out assault on the Blu-ray market over the last year, and put Synapse, Media Blasters, and Blue Underground's lazy output to shame!

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