Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Upcoming Twins of Evil Blu-ray

Those who were pleased with the Synapse double disc (i.e. Blu-ray/DVD) set of Vampire Circus a while ago should be just as happy to discover that similar treatment for the third film in Hammer's Carmilla trilogy, Twins of Evil, is on the horizon (early July) - again a dual format package, this one contains a feature length documentary on the movie, a featurette on props, gallery, deleted scene, trailer, and surprisingly an isolated music and effects audio track.  The film of course stars Peter Cushing as an uncompromising religious fanatic, and the infamous ex-Playboy Collinson twins (from clothed to very unclothed).  It's reported to be a new high definition transfer, region locked to A (which was out of the control of Synapse), and accurately framed at 1.66:1.  It's not a defining Hammer film by any stretch but this package looks really tempting (and not just because the Collinson twins will be in HD...).  Here's the product page at Synapse.  Synapse have also got the rights to put out Hands of the Ripper and Countess Dracula on Blu in the near future, so along with what's happening here in Britain with the current restoration project the future looks bright (red) for Hammer fans.

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