Friday, 11 May 2012

Upcoming Total Recall (1990) and The Boogens Blu-rays

The classic Arnie sci-fi action movie (one of my personal favourites) Total Recall is being re-released on Blu by Lionsgate in the US (obviously bump-started by the Colin Farrell remake), and it looks like it's at last getting the sort of disc it deserves this time too - this version is dubbed "Mind-Bending Edition" as they've already used up "Special Edition" and "Special Limited Edition" in the past...; the previous Blu-ray featured the ridiculous 'Beyond High Definition' slogan across the front, so I'm wondering if this will be 'Beyond Beyond High Definition'.  Includes commentary by Arnie and Paul Verhoeven (probably the one that was originally recorded for the special edition DVD, the same commentary that Arnie reportedly wanted $50K for...), plus an interview with the director, featurettes on the special effects etc, restoration comparison, trailers, gallery.  Release in the US: end of July.  Even better, I have suspicions that the UK may see a triple play steelbook of this one...

Also on its way from US company Olive Films is something I've heard of in the past but never seen: The Boogens.  A monster movie from 1981, this looks like a low budget B movie that could be some fun.  Being released by the same guys who are bringing the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers our way this could also turn out to be a lavish Blu-ray (it is apparently being struck from a 35mm print).

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