Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Upcoming UK Demons Blu-ray

The Demons steelbook being released at the end of April by Arrow (in the UK) looks highly desirable.  Containing both 'proper' Demons films, this is a steelbook set bundled with a collector's booklet, both films mastered in HD on Blu-ray with (now this looks interesting...) Italian and English language audio tracks (not sure if I can tear myself away from that classic English dub, but it will be cool to see how the films appear in what is effectively their native tongue), English subtitles natch, interviews with Dario Argento (who of course produced the films), Claudio Simonetti, Luigi Cozzi (Black Cat please, Arrow?), Sergio Stivaletti, alongside audio recollections from Lamberto Bava (director of the two films if you weren't already familiar with them) and the cast/crew.  There also appears to be an Italian horror documentary tracing roots (from Mario Bava himself) through to the end of the classic era (which aptly reaches where Lamberto Bava was at the time).  Both films are to be available individually on Blu-ray and plain old DVD, but this steelbook looks like the thing to have (though unfortunately it seems as though the specially commissioned 'Demons 3' comic that is bundled with the individual Blu-ray releases is not going to be included with the steelbook, due to the dimensions... still the price difference of buying the steelbook over separate purchases kind of compensates for this).  It also actually costs less than what I originally paid for the imported uncut R1 Anchor Bay Demons DVD when it first came out back around 1999 - how times have changed!  Here are the cellar reviews for episode 1 and episode 2.

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