Monday, 26 March 2012

Upcoming UK Blu-rays of interest

The Revenant - another zombie film - this used to be my favourite genre but seems to have been hijacked by the mainstream over recent years.
Dark Relic: Sir Gregory, The Crusader - perhaps Black Death has started something in the history horror hybrid genre?
The Howling Reborn - I can think of much more interesting stuff to exhume than the stale Howling series.
Grave Encounters - something actually happens on one of those reality TV ghost-hunting shows, at last!
Demons and Demons 2 of course - can't wait!
Shaun of the Dead - "augmented reality" edition - what the hell's that all about?  Great film but I'd rather them put out older stuff that's not already out on Blu-ray than repeatedly releasing the same titles.
The Mummy - ditto (I think you can guess which version this is...).
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark - could be interesting; stars Guy Pearce and has had Guillermo Del Toro's participation.
The Wicker Tree - follow up to The Wicker Man (sans Nicolas Cage!) of course.
The Ghoul - the 1933 version; this is more like it!

Underworld Awakening (in 3D) and predictably a simultaneous Underworld 1-4 boxed set.
House by the Cemetery (dual DVD/BD format and LE) - on of my favourites.
Mask Maker
Strippers Vs Werewolves - they do get around these strippers...
Hansel And Gretel - Eastern variety.
The Plague of the Zombies and The Reptile - two Hammer favourites.
American Werewolf in London ( steelbook edition)
Island of Lost Souls - I would have held off buying the Criterion version had I known at the time this was coming out: will be available in both conventional and steelbook packaging.
From Dusk Till Dawn 2, 3, and complete boxed set varieties.

Return of the Living Dead and Eraserhead as previously reported at The Grim Cellar.
Mimic 2
Zombie Apocalypse - come up with some new ideas, people!
The Woman in Black - Daniel Radcliffe meets Hammer!

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