Saturday, 10 November 2012

UK Blues...

Of possible interest, and in some cases marching on their way from the very depths of Hell itself, are the following Blu-ray Discs:
Killer Joe with some romcom pretty boy supposedly giving a chilling performance...
Dark Knight Rises wrapping up Nolan's trilogy, along with a boxed set of all three natch;
Amazing Spider-Man in various permutations, including an enticing looking 3D Blu;
A 30th anniversary box of Blade Runner, which should contain some discs of interest to UK fans who missed the stunning 5 disc Blu-ray set that was released in the States a few years ago;
Resident Evil: Retribution on 2D and 3D, the series that knows now end, even when the world has...
A nice looking digibook edition of the King Kong remake - whilst this is all very welcome I'd still rather the studios put out some of their AWOL titles rather than multiple editions of just their bigger money earners;
David Cronenberg's latest, Cosmopolis, in November;
A Christopher Nolan collection containing the three Batman films of his, Memento, and Inception - pity it couldn't have been genuinely complete and included Insomnia and his vaguely interesting first feature Following;
A 3D Blu of Hitchcock's Dial M For Murder - it was of course originally shot/projected in 3D so it will be great to see this film via a transfer that approximates its theatrical appearance;
Paranorman in both 2D and 3D, which looks like a great film;
V/H/S and House at the End of the Street;
The Japanese classic Onibaba courtesy of the Masters of Cinema series;
A really promising looking Black Sunday (Mario Bava) from Arrow in January;
Wes Craven's Deadly Blessing, again from Arrow;
Hot on the heels of Redemption's Lisa & The Devil is Arrow's own release;
Crawl and Grave Encounters II;
Plus a couple of Radley Metzger films from Arrow - The Score and Lickerish Quartet
Intruder from 88 Films!  Nice to see the UK getting a release;
And nice to see something else making its UK HD debut: Django from Argent Films in January;
And just in time for Christmas, The Snowman on Blu for its 30th anniversary!

A couple of things arriving on DVD that I wish were coming out on Blu, but look quite 'ownable' nonetheless:
Vampire Ecstacy from a company called MediumRare, which I'm hoping is the full (or possibly even both) version of The Devil's Plaything - if so, and the price is low (I won't pay much for a DVD nowadays) I will pick it up;
House of 1000 Dolls with Vincent Price, again from MediumRare;
House with Laughing Windows - one of my favourites from Shameless, but why can't they put this out on Blu?  I doubt if I will buy it again on DVD but anxiously await a HD presentation.  Still, for those that don't own it, this one should really be on your shelves, being one of the best 70s Italian chillers in my opinion.

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