Friday, 27 July 2012

Visceral Visions: The Evil Dead

Always a title to guarantee a few sales, Sony/Columbia Tri-Star are re-releasing The Evil Dead on Blu-ray in the UK on 5th November 2012 as a steelbook.  This almost coincides with the early 2013 release of the dreaded remake...  No specs on the wonderful 1982 gris-fest as yet but I'm very much guessing that it will be the same as the previous Blu-ray - though I'm actually hoping this is not the case, as I was rather disappointed that on the disc already released UK fans only got the cropped 1.85:1 version (in the US the disc contained both widescreen and the uncropped fullframe image - undoubtedly the preferred viewing method for this 16mm classic).  If it contains the 1.33:1 version, I'm buying; if it doesn't, I'm not.

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