Sunday, 24 June 2012

From Hell To Your Machine: Black Sunday

As previously mentioned here, Redemption/Kino are exhuming Black Sunday for a restored Blu-ray release on September 18th.  This was, if I recall, the first video cassette I bought by the fledgling UK company back in the 90s, and the film grew on me to a point, around the turn of the millennium, where I decided not to watch it again.  Not because I had gotten bored with it; quite the opposite.  The dubbing drove me nuts, plus it was nastily cropped to fullscreen.  So I had the plan to wait until a version true to its source appeared on DVD - Image put out a nice edition in the early days of the digital format as part of their 'Mario Bava Collection', which was widescreen, but still dubbed in English!  It has also since been released by Anchor Bay as part of a boxed set, and very close to being definitive was a release in Italy by RHV (Ripley Home Video), which actually contained the Italian language track... BUT no English subtitles!!!  It also had a second disc of extras, and restored some previously lost footage to the film.  Here's hoping that Redemption have done their homework and get this one truly right.  They will also be putting out a double of Lisa and the Devil with both cuts so things look promising on the Bava front.

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